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The most satisfying sex cam session of my life!

We have all heard stories about cam girls, and just how hot and giving they can be, but have any of you actually experienced something like that? From all the ads and overall reviews of different cam sites like FilterCams.com, I did not really believe anything they wrote, which is why I decided to try it out myself. Well, I’ve gone through lots of sex webcam sessions, and there were a couple of them that really sealed the deal for me.

The first thing that people need to understand, is that these are genuine amateurs. Just some random girls, sitting in their beds or whatever, and doing what they do best, masturbate. Well, as I was doing my daily porn browsing, like many people do, I came across one of the sex web cam site, where I was intrigued by one particular Asian hottie, named Lucy.

It all started with a simple click, as I watched her for half an hour, just chat with the audience, in her tight bikini. She showed us some of her love bits here, and there, but nothing special. However, as I kept watching, I realized that more and more people were donating, wanting to see what she will be willing to do, and I joined the fun.

Eventually, as a collective, we were able to get her completely naked! Of course, everyone gets a say with what she was going to do, and while I just wanted to get straight down to business, some idiots tipped her for role play and other things that were really not doing it for my member, if you know what I mean. After a while of this just ruining my mood, I decided to do what any sane person would, I invited her to a private session.

Now, at first, I was very skeptical about these private cam sessions. We often hear a lot about them. Sometimes the girls do not want to put out as much as they claim they would, and other times they are described as the best thing, even better than porn. Well, my experience was a lot like the second opinion from the crowd, and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Keep in mind that these sessions will often cost you a lot more than just tipping girls on live shows, but they are offering a whole new world of experiences. Once the call went through, I could speak to Lucy all I wanted, and I started with a simple introduction. Of course, all of this was done through chat, instead of a call, which makes a lot more sense.

I told her to start it slow, and put on her sexiest outfit, which in this case was her maid outfit. Once she did that, I just told her to give me a performance, to take off her clothes in a sensual way, to do something that would make me drool all over her irresistible body… Well, to my surprise she took that quite literally, as my mouth was pretty much watering from thinking about how I would love to stuff my face in her cunt.

Soon enough, she was wearing only her thongs and bra, and as she started taking her undies off, I stopped her. This is when I decided to test my luck and ask her for a cam to cam session, which basically meant that I would be able to run on my camera as well, allowing her to see my raging boner, while I masturbate to her beautiful body.

Well, she was all for it! Of course, the cam2cam session was also pricier than the private one, but hey, it is my well-earned money, and I can do whatever I want with it. Once the camera was on, I was happy to see that she was very much liking the view, of my raging hard schlong. Of course, I did not leave my face out of the frame, because I do believe I am a solid-looking mate.

After a quick exchange of glances and smiles, she asked me what I wanted for her to do next, to which I replied instantly. I wanted her to spread her legs, take off her panties and bra, and just go to town, pulling all the stops. Of course, I also wanted it to be natural, so I told her to masturbate as she would if I was not here.

To my surprise, this is when she asked whether she could use toys, and of course, why would I have any issues with that. Now, what I thought were small toys, turned out to be huge and quite kinky. She used an alien egg vibrator, where she would put an egg toy in the dildo, and while shoving it hardcore in her pussy, she would squeeze it out, implanting the egg inside of her.

This was my first time seeing that toy, but it was rather hot if you ask me. After that egg play, she was not done, because she used a dragon dildo to shove it deep inside her anus. Apparently, Lucy’s perfect masturbation session includes a hardcore gangbang with lots of things stuffed in her holes, and seeing her pleasure herself with such passion made me harder and harder.

Now, I must say that the peak of all this masturbation was not the dildo play, or her beautiful face, with eyes, rolled way back, it was one particular moment where she stopped for a second, looked at me in the camera, and asked me to call out her name as I wanked off with both my hands and looked to the camera.

At this point she started going hardcore on herself, staring at the camera the whole time, and eventually making herself orgasm, splashing the whole screen with cum… I did not even know she could squirt! As we both came to our senses and realized just what a crazy and satisfying adventure we both had, we continued to chat for a bit until it was time to say farewell to the best orgasm I ever had… Needless to say, that will not be my only experience with this gorgeous Asian babe Lucy.

Last modified: March 18, 2020