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Aroused in Seconds: Erotic Novels to Indulge at Home

There are several enthusiasts of sex tapes and film as hot images, and romantic scenes are kind enough to excite everyone. Not all, though, have that similar enthusiasm whenever they see videos and pictures. If Fifty Shades of Grey has proven something, it’s that reading through a few dozen pages of NSFW text is enjoyable, there is nothing to be ashamed about. So, feel free to come (no puns intended) with us to a brand new universe of sex literature.

Most people like to read erotic novels rather than watching porn as it helps them to keep their creativity anywhere and wherever. We imagine the scenarios after finishing a book, and the sexy moments are so dramatic and descriptive that they also activate both the brain and the flesh.

Some of you might wonder, are all pornography books and literature that interesting? Not all of them are exciting, but there are some great books that you will be intrigued and excited about on a whole ‘other level. In this article Today, I’m going to explore some sex books that are great examples of pornographic fiction and worthy of transforming a naughty idea into a complete fantasy.

1.) Forever (Judy Blume)

The novel reflects about a child that reaches maturity from an adolescent period. The character’s encounters have been beautifully portrayed to the extent where you picture the person and have an empathic relationship with her. You may want to consider borrowing it in specific libraries where sexual material is not forbidden.

It creates your excitement; it arouses you to the extent where you’ll wish the protagonists to set their restraints loose. The purity in protagonists has been brilliantly illustrated and will draw the reader. The novel was so titillating; it had been withdrawn from a variety of community and graduate libraries even now.

2.) Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Most of you will have seen Lolita’s movie or heard about it a least. Lolita’s plot centers through a young woman who lures her stepdad and entices him up to the extent where they all live together and elope. The film was drawn from a sex novel authored by Vladimir Nabokov and dealt beautifully with the themes of sexual exploitation and incest.

The roles are beautifully portrayed, so often, you can hear their feelings flying high so down. All the novels and the film went reasonably well, so the people liked them. The value of sex ed and parental control is underscored in the plot.

3. Face the Fire, Three Sisters Island by Nona Roberts

These books are the narrative of a guy who abandoned a lady in a sizzling relationship with her. But when he goes back to meet her, she doesn’t have the same emotions she once had. The plot centers around in the way he’s seeking to persuade her.

The tale describes witchcraft and black sorcery to completion. The central people in the book have been perfectly defined. There are still many graphic sex scenes portrayed gently, and if you’re searching for that kind of fetish, you may want to check out these novels.

4. Beautiful Bastard by Christian Lauren

This book is a tale of a competitive female student displaying all her talents with the supervisors and administrators in the workplace. It kind of has that ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ feel and the hot ‘friendship’ between the manager and the staff.

The storyline is fictitious and dabbles on the kinky workplace issues that you all want to hear about. The protagonists are represented and blend seamlessly into the metropolitan and industrial environments. The sexual moments, as hoped, are presented in vivid detail and are arousing you automatically.

5. Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

Have you ever tried fantasizing and having dirty thoughts to a close friend? Then you’re going to connect to this tale. It’s a story of a guy who winds up caring for a lady who’s always been there for him. Not only does this novel make you aroused, it will make you chuckle, too. It strikes a fine mix between naughty and comical.

6. Intimate by Jason Luke

This novel is different from anything you’ve ever read because the author is speaking directly to you. Seducing you. Getting intimate with you. It’ll help you learn a bit about your body so that you can have super hot sex IRL. If you want an unconventional and unique style of writing, you should definitely give intimate a read.

7. I Am a Woman by Ann Banon

Up for some lesbian action? Published by award-winning writer Ann Banon, I Am a Woman is a timeless tale of two people and their erotic experiences. It’s one of the greatest published homosexual tales of all time, and thus surely worth a read.

The plot is situated in the period of the’ 60s, when interactions to the same sexuality were perceived to be a sensitive topic. The romances are described in a sensual way that turns you on beautifully. If you love reading erotic fiction and are into lesbian sex, then this book will be perfect for you.

8. Talk Dirty to Me by Sallie Tisdale

Talk Dirty to Me is a novel devoted to foreplay and its relevance in our sex life. Sallie Tisdale writes the novel, and she explains how amazing and memorable our sex lives can be only by knowing how to chat dirty. It’s presented amusingly and entertainingly that captivates our senses and leads us to believe everything the writer has to express.

This sex novel illustrates how intimacy is treated in America and speaks very honestly regarding it. It teaches us how to express openly to our friends, how to convey our naughtiest fantasies and obsessions, and how to keep our sex life more enjoyable and fulfilling. This sex book proves to be a massive inspiration to people who have boring sex lives.


The sex narratives shared online are not up to standard, because inexperienced authors produce most of them, and some of them are only encounters told in their own experience by average boys and girls. That is why it is more fulfilling, or should I say, more arousing, to read pornography novels and books where erotica is portrayed uniquely, and the scenes are illustrated to a certain degree. There are plenty of other fantasy novels out there; take time and explore.

Last modified: March 19, 2020