Sex Books, Stories

Aroused in Seconds: Erotic Novels to Indulge at Home

There are several enthusiasts of sex tapes and film as hot images, and romantic scenes are kind enough to excite everyone. Not all, though, have that similar enthusiasm whenever they see videos and pictures. If Fifty Shades of Grey has proven something, it’s that reading through a few dozen pages of NSFW text is enjoyable, …...

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Top 10 Most Interesting Fictional Mentors

Looking back at some of the best franchises and movies, we could all easily recall our favorite characters. However, not many of us pay attention to the mentor figures, who helped our favorite characters get to where they are, by offering advice and guidance. From Star Wars to Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings; …...

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Self-help Books

Philosophers could potentially transform our 2020

Could somebody who has lived over two millennia ago, really help transform our 2020? Why are the long-dead thinkers only now rising to the top, when it comes to self-help books? Are they really as helpful as gurus, or is this just another misconception? Whether the study of Jean-Paul Sartre could be the key to …...

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The most satisfying sex cam session of my life!

We have all heard stories about cam girls, and just how hot and giving they can be, but have any of you actually experienced something like that? From all the ads and overall reviews of different cam sites like, I did not really believe anything they wrote, which is why I decided to try …...

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Book Fairs

A Book Fair In London Is Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Fears

As many of us know, there were over 25.000 authors, publishers, and agents who were supposed to attend a book fair, where the biggest deals for books would have been made. This was considered as one of the world’s biggest international literary event, and it has been canceled due to the coronavirus fears. There is …...

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